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Type of Aloe

kirk.leongkirk.leong Posts: 3


Hi,  please help to identify this Aloe.

1) height is about 175 cm tall and it is branched.

2) the flowers are reddish.

I am using this as part of my landscape.

This Aloe has been offered at USD 50 but the seller is not able to confirm the species.



  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,834

    Hi Kirk. You need to upload a picture to help us to identify it.

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  • kirk.leongkirk.leong Posts: 3

    imageHi, this is photo, I am not sure if it is loaded. 

  • It looks like Aloe ferox, which is a common species, but I cannot guarantee it, There are hundreds of species of Aloe, but most are much smaller than yours.

  • kirk.leongkirk.leong Posts: 3


    thanks Alan,

    there are two larger Aloe Barberae trees .

    The larger branched is about 4 meters and the smaller tree is about 2.5 meters.

    I may get the smaller Aloe tree and keep it in a pot .

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