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Divide, chop off or let it be...

Julie LanteriJulie Lanteri Posts: 133

Good morning,

after seeing some cirsium on chelsea tv coverage, i went to check on my plant... I got it two years ago and it looks like the centre rosette is dead and three new ones have formed around it. Can i leave one where it is and lift the other two to replant elsewhere? Or am i risking loosing the plant?

The globe artichoke is in its third year, the stalks that "flowered" last year are dead, one flowering this year and three or four new ones around. Can i just dig out the old bits when it finishes cropping and add fresh soil and compost around?

thank you




  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,269

    Hi Julie. Yes you can leave one Cirsium in place and move the others. Similarly as you said - remove the dead bits of the globe artichoke and add the fresh soil.

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  • Julie LanteriJulie Lanteri Posts: 133

    Thank you Ladybird4!

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