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Ideas for how I can fix my garden?

imageThis is the starting point, very boring garden, but I feel that there is good potential here. Any ideas to how I can make this a nicer garden? Feel free to photoshop or use paint on the picture :-) 


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,496

    We all have very different ideas about what we want from a garden. What makes a garden nice for you?

    Then we will need to know roughly where you are, which way the garden faces, how big it is and the sort of soil you have, so that we can make sensible suggestions about plants that will succeed for you and suit the kind of garden you want.

  • marimarthemarimarthe Posts: 2

    Hi, thanks for your answer. I will clarify a little further. This is Norway, the garden is facing west and gets a lot of sun from mid-day to the sun goes down. I like flowers and could picture a flower bed somewhere. Also I would like to have something between me and the neighbour to decrease the insight to the terrace. I like the size of the terrace, however, I could see it increase a little to make room for a dining table. I'm very open for your suggestions to how I should go about to design and decorate, I'm very new to gardening. 

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  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,496

    Hi again Marimarthe, I hadn't fogoten you, been having a little thinkimage

    From the design point, I think one problem with your garden is that you can see it all at once. It would be more interesting if you had to move round it to see some of the things. So it would help if you had some taller plants  nearer the house to act as a partial screen. You need something to look at in winter too, so I'm thinking dwarf conifers (nothing enormous!) and evergreens.

    The garden looks wider than it is long, and it is very rectangular, so some curves would be good, perhaps a semicircular bed along the edge of the terrace wih a path along the curved side. Other plants, maybe alpines, on this side, hidden from the windows. Some more plants in the corners perhaps. In  summer some bright flowers in pots on the terrace. If it were my garden here, I would forget about the grass and fill it with flowers, with a winding path through the middle, but that may not work for you.

    For screening from your neighbours, a trellis wth a climber, to the right of the farther window would help, with a suitable tree or taller shrub by the hedge.

    This is where I got stuck! Most of us on this forum are in the UK. We are familiar with UK plants and UK garden centres. From some limited research, it seems that where you live in Norway makes a huge difference to what you can grow (it does in the UK too!) There are a lot of obsessive gardeners hereimage, which means there is a wide range of plants available to a ready market. I don't know whether this is true in your part of Norway, so I can't say which plants would do well for you or whether you would be able to buy them easily.

    My best advice is this. Look around your neighbourhood to see what people grow. Visit any gardens that may be open to the public locally. Visit your local garden centre or nursery to see what is available and what they recommend. When you have some ideas and some plant names come back to us on here and we will be able help more - whatever it is, someone on here has grown itimage

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,722

    Can you put trellis panels between yourself any your neighbour?  They will give a sense of privacy without cutting out all the light.

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