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Is this how delphiniums grow??

CraighBCraighB Posts: 752


I have some delphiniums that are around 2 years old now and they are around 18" at the minute. But they have started to get flower buds on them and looks like is isn't going to be long before they open. The thing is the variety I have is summer skies and they are supposed to reach around 1.5 meters. I planted them with conpost at the bottom with some blood fish and bone. I also have them a balanced liquid feed a week ago. I thinned out the shoots to 3 per plant while they are still young but surely they shouldn't be ready to flower yet until they are a lot taller?



  • alice42alice42 Posts: 18

    I'm no expert, but they might still be quite young?   Also, I believe the advertised height is a bit approximate - depends on where you have planted them, etc?  I've had one in for three years which is only 2ft high now, though it reached 3-4ft last year despite the advertised height being 120-150cm.  It's in a windy spot with some shade, so I'm not surprised it might not reach full height, or else it will carry on maturing.  

  • CraighBCraighB Posts: 752

    Well mine are quite sheltered but in a very sunny position although we haven't had much sun really compared to last spring. I don't understand how people get them to grow huge like the ones you see on tv etc they seem a bit stunted. But strangely enough my shasta dasies which usually grow really tall and flip over have started to get flower buds already and this year they are a lot shorter than they usually are. I was wondering whether to cut them back last night but this year I don't think I will have to.

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