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hi everyone I am going away for a weekend from Friday evening to Monday evening but have no one to water my tomatoes in the greenhouse will they survive a good watering on Friday till Monday or will I lose them?


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 35,474

    Hi Batman2. I have seen the following in use on GW some years back: large plastic containers (biggest milk containers) filled with water and suspended above the plants. Small hole in the lid through which a shoe lace or some similar 'wicking' material is pushed the free end of the wicking material then being pushed into the compost around the soil. Capillary action then allows water to pass to the plant. I think I saw on another thread on here which would only apply if your tomatoes were in pots is that old towels soaked in water and put under the tomatoes would also help. I honestly think that your plants should be fine for the few days you are away if you do as you mentioned.

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  • Rob LockwoodRob Lockwood Midlands of EnglandPosts: 328

    If they're in the ground a darn good soaking should sort them, and of course give Ladybird's idea try if you have the kit! 

    If they're in pots they'll dry out quicker but leaving a good through draught should cool the GH down a bit and reduce evaporation - assuming you;'re confident there are no frosts coming.  I no longer worry about this as I got one of those watering systems which come on for 30 mins every morning and evening - worth considering as I like the freedom this gives me!

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,954

    I've used the wicking method. Pretty much as Ladybird describes, using some lightweight cloth (similar to the old J cloths) I was away for a week in early September, and although we don't get the temperatures up here that others get, it was probably the hottest week of the summer.  Mine are in pots in one of those plastic thingies. Plants were fine. image

    I tend to water mine sparingly from the start too - only when they wilt a little. That helps with watering if you're away now and again. The important thing is a consistent regime that the plants get used to. 

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  • Batman2Batman2 Posts: 4

    Thanks everyone for your ideas , I put a lot of effort in and wouldn't want to spoil 

  • Batman2Batman2 Posts: 4

    Hi everyone just to let you know my tomatoes and cucumber survived my weekend away , I put a hosepipe around the top of my greenhouse above all my plants and connected it to a solenoid valve with a timer and drilled holes around the hose pipe where my plants were and kept turning the timer on until all my angles were right , I then set it to come on for 1 minute in the morning and 1 minute on a evening and it worked a treat , and for less than £30 for everything I have disconnected it now but left the hose up for my next holiday so it just a matter of connecting the solenoid system back up, I suppose it's like the drip feed system but instead it gives them 1 minute of spray that last all day plus the moisture in the air keeps them thriving, easy to set up so give it a go, thanks for your ideas , I just mentioned it to a gardener at work and he said he did this with his greenhouse every time he went away 

  • Rob LockwoodRob Lockwood Midlands of EnglandPosts: 328

    Glad to hear the plants survived Batman2 - very ingenious!

  • Batman2Batman2 Posts: 4

    i suppose it sounds ingenious Rob but after he gave me the idea it was quite simple to put into action , I would imagine garden centres have a similar method of watering, thanks for your comments Rob

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