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Hyrangea - damaged by Japanese Beetle?

Have just returned from holiday and the lovely large Hyrangea Bush in our front garden is clearly in serious trouble. It has only got one or two flowers (this time last year it was bent double) and the leaves have all been eaten to nothing. I've looked on Google and the closest image I can find that resembles my plant is Japanese Beetle - the damage really does look just like it. However I can't see any beetles on the plant and all the research suggests that this particular bug isn't something you get in the UK. My other half just thinks we need to dig the entire plant out but if it is something we can sort out. I'm happy to leave it a year. Can anyone help or suggest what the problem might be


  • LynLyn Posts: 21,996

    It would be helpful for someone to identify if you could possibly put a photo on.

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