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Salvia nemorosa 'Ostfriesland'

Lena NLena N Posts: 189

Last year I bought a Salvia nemorosa 'Ostfriesland' in a one litre pot. I cut back the old stems in early March but there isn't any new growth on it yet. It's described as fully hardy so I'm hoping it's survived but wondered if there's anything I can do to help it along? I mulched it back in March. Should I try feeding it? I don't have a greenhouse but I could pop it in my conservatory if you think a bit of warmth might help it along. 

The other less hardy one next to it already has already had new shoots since the beginning of Apri, though it's growing very slowly. It might just be ready to flower by December at this rate! 

Any suggestions much appreciated image


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,255

    Hi Lena. If there is no sign of growth as yet then I wouldn't use a feed on it. If you live in a cold area it may have died despite being hardy. They don't like being wet - especially in the winter but it does seem strange that the other salvia is showing signs of growth.

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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,358

    It's a funny year re weather. We had spring months ago then winter came back. 

    Late frosts after growth has started can damage even native plants. Id give it a little longer but not much, generally things are growing now.

    Agree with Ladybird re feeding, if it's not growing it can't use it.

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  • Lena NLena N Posts: 189

    Hi Ladybird, we had quite a mild winter here but it was quite wet - it always is in Cornwall! image

    Do you think it would help the other plant to feed it? It's not grown much since April? I'll put some pics below ...


    Many thanks

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