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Dahlias in pots

RubiRubi Posts: 131

I have recently purchased 8 tubers from a a garden centre and would like to plant them in pots. 

The dahlias I've purchased grow to 75cm, 90cm and 120cm according to the label, and some have green shoots sproluring already.

Can anyone advise how many tubers can be planted in a barrel that's 50cm in diameter? 


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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,445

    I would say a maximum of three. Some of my dahlias are already In pots that are 30cm across,  when the roots fill those they go in the garden. Small bedding type dahlias such as collarette dandy, would be better in tubs.

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  • Stevo4Stevo4 Posts: 109

    I agree with fidget. As the plants grow so do the tubers. Any more than that and its gonna be sardines in a tin. I just potted up 2 verrones obsidian in a 30cm pot and I worry, so I'm gonna keep a close eye on them and repot later if it looks like they're struggling.

  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,457

    What's the deal with Dahlias? 

    Do they always need to be lifted in winter?

  • RubiRubi Posts: 131
    Verdun says:

    no!  one tuber is sufficient if it is grown on properly and quickly.  Potted on as soon as pots are full will provide a pretty big plamt.  Squashing 3 in is not necessary.  Fill 3 pots instead.  My own dahlias in pots are huge    Every tuber I have ever grown has formed a full size flowering plant for summer.  I have never understood this need to shove 3 or more plants in pots when they are as vigorous as dahlias are.

    cloggie, the deal is here they are kept in the ground.   In colder areas they are lifted and protected from frost.  Divided regularly you will be giving plants away within 3 years. image

    See original post

     Thanks for the replies. That's what my concern was Verdun. I understand the plants get quite big and therefore didn't know if it's possible to plant more than one tuber per pot. 

    I I have been watching YouTube videos and in one video someone had put in 5 tubers in a pot that appeared to be about 40cm wide. And in another video someone was planting the tubers into the ground and advised the tubers should be a foot apart. And in the majority of the videos about planting dahlias in pots, the pots are all about 30cm wide. No mention is made as to whether they need to be potted on and to what size etc  

    Should I start off with small pots and pot on as they grow, or can I just put a tuber in a 40cm pot until first frost. 


  • LynLyn Posts: 23,090

    I would only plant one to any size pot, I wouldn't ever put different colours in the same pot, and agree that a standard fucshia is a stand alone plant, different people different ideas.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

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