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Japenesse knotweed

My Daughter has Japanese knot weed in her garden which the seller hid from her by cutting it down. she has now been treating it from last summer and knows she may have to do so for years to come,she is using a poison that she injects into the individual plant, my question is, the infected plot is about , 4ft by 8ft, can she grow anything else in the plot while she is killing the knot weed as she only has a small garden and this plot looks extremely bare as she is injecting the knot weed will this be safe for other plants. thanks in advance. 


  • B3B3 Posts: 25,230

    Perhaps she should seek legal advice. If the sellers hid the problem, they gave broken the law and she should be entitled to some form of redress

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  • tina laxtontina laxton Posts: 33

    she hasnt got the money to go to law B3 this is their first house and money is tight so they are trying to get rid of it their selves, my question is can they plant anything else there and just poison the knot weed.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,690

    I assume they are using glyphosate injected into the stems. I think it is best left bare, any other plants growing there  may mask  growth from the JKW,  You would have to dig to plant anything, thus disturbing the roots and risking spreading it further. Any roots dug up must be incinerated on site.

  • Pink lilyPink lily Posts: 175

    They could put pots in front of the area to hide it image

  • Could she try getting legal advice from the citizens advice bureau? Good luck with eradicating it. 

  • tina laxtontina laxton Posts: 33

    thanks every one for your answers, all good information , I dont know why we didnt think of it as its so obvious POTS, thanks for joging the old grey cells Pink Lilly.

  • BenDoverBenDover Posts: 480

    She should speak to the solicitors who did the conveyance work. If the vendor deliberately lied, then all costs, including your daughters costs should be recovered. Also, check out the house insurance policy to see if it includes legal cover as that may cover off the initial risk.  You may also want to inform the mortgage providers as having knotweed on the garden could impact on the valution they provided the mortgage for.

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