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Paeony flowers

KT53KT53 Posts: 8,476

I planted 2 paeonies 2 years ago, in the same border and a matter of about 10 feet apart.  Conditions are pretty much identical for both of them.  Last year they both grew quite well but had no flowers.  This year they are both growing well again but one is smothered in buds and the other doesn't have a single one!

Is there anything I can do this year to encourage the reluctant flowerer, or do I just have to wait another year and hope it works out what to do?


  • mushermusher Posts: 389

    KT All good things come to them that wait

  • wakeshinewakeshine Posts: 967

    What variety did you get? I was told earlier on this forum by someone that they take 25 years to establish!! I guess it would if they live until 100. I am still holding out hope and going to get some though.

  • chickychicky Posts: 10,396

    Did you plant them as bare roots KT?  The ones I have grown from roots have always taken years (ie 2 or 3) to flower, whereas the pot grown ones seem to get in to their stride straight away.  

    I also swear by a sprinkling of BFB tickled in around anything that seems to need a bit of a boostimage

  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,457

    One of 'em's lazy!  Rejoice in the one with flowers image

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,476

    I can't remember the variety, but they are both the same one.  Pot grown.  I'll try some BFB to see if it helps / encourages the lazy one.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,269

    No, I never meant for you to think they take 25years to establish, they will last at least 25years if looked after, flowering all the time after initial couple of years establishing. Many perennials such as lupins and Echinacea only last a couple of years. A good size peony is an investment, you won't have to replace it.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    25 years sounds more like the lifetime expected rather than the wait!! Though some live for more than 5o years.  However, it is true that some can take up to 4 or 5 years to flower - so much depends upon the age of the plant when you got it, is it a cutting, a root cutting - or grown from seed?   Also the type makes a difference - sorry, no easy answer to that one, but 2 years is not long to wait for a paeony t do its thing.  

  • Lily PillyLily Pilly Posts: 3,845

    Have a look at

    he truly is an expert 

    Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.”
    A A Milne
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