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Peony 'eyes'

wakeshinewakeshine Posts: 975

Sorry I have another peony question. I bought some cheapish bare root peonies in February from a supermarket, Morissons. They all seemed to have about 1-2 'eyes'. There were about five in all - I planted them in early April - not too deep as advised and with the help of a friend who has a lot of and knows about peonies. She said these root peonies were not very good quality, but just plant anyway and see what happens. Each one has one 'eye' now popping out of the ground. My question is, can these things produce more eyes? Does only one eye mean the plant will take a long time and be smaller? I know peonies takes years to establish and flower anyway, but will buying from a more expensive, reputable grower providing '3-5 eye' peony bare roots mean that I will get flowers sooner? Or should I buy a containerised one now and this will establish quicker? I am just wondering if more eyes can develop on these cheaper bare root things anyway? In time, will it have the ability to get more eyes, or will it always be a weaker plant? Any advice appreciated.


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,431

    Only one eye, means they are pretty small plants. So long as they  are fed well, they will bulk up in time. Next year they will be two or three eyes, and if you order now, that is what you will  get next winter for planting.  With peonys, you are in it for the long term, 25 years or more, increasing in size each year.

  • wakeshinewakeshine Posts: 975

    Thank you for this clarification. I was warned about the wait. Impressive survival though. I understand roses only last 30 years. Peonies always look so fresh. Rose bushed often look worn out and tired.

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