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Pieris forest flame

tin.tin.1tin.tin.1 Posts: 3

Hi can anyone help please... I have a Pieris forest flame which lloks a bit worse for wear, quite a few leaves have fallen off and the there are just stems left with what look like to be corse and rough and bumpy, I dont know if the plant is dying or what.



  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782

    imageHi Lee.

    I have 2 Pieris 'Forest Flame' in different parts of my small garden.  Last year, one which was on one side had its roots crushed by the huge roots of a neighbours tree growing around it under the surface.  Took me two years to realise this was the problem.  We had the big tree removed last summer and I transplanted the Forest Flame further along the garden assuming it would thrive.  It didn't.  Leaves fell off, stems turned hard and it looked all but dead.

    Two weeks ago I dug it up again and transplanted it in a tub of ericaceous compost and whilst it still looks barren - it is coming to life and has produced spring red foliage on a branch on the left.  I have it in the stick corner though out of the way. 

    I tried to put a photo here but with this new format, I can only see an 'E' appearing in the right top corner of this box where we type in comments.  I can't see the photo icon at all.  It went to 'Browse' to find my photo and I've tried it twice.  But until I hit the 'post reply' pink button at the bottom - I've no idea if the photo will appear in this post - or you may get two photos where I've tried twice.  Then again, no photo at all may appear

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  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782

    Sorry about previous wordy post.  I found it uploaded the photo when I reduced it size to less than half of what it was.   But I still can't see anything on the top right of this box.  Just the letter 'E' and nothing else.  It did seem to be the choice for uploading a photo - but I just can't see what is there.  Can anyone tell me what I should see on the top right of this reply box - this is so different from the old layout which I could see perfectly.

  • tin.tin.1tin.tin.1 Posts: 3

    Hi guys... thanks for quick reply... I have had this plant for about five years and is planted in the ground in a shaded part of the garden. I use rain water to water it from water butts. There are new growth leaves on it but more naked "scorched" stems which look bare and noberly

  • tin.tin.1tin.tin.1 Posts: 3

    I will post a photo to show all ....image

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