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Bird Of Paradise

Hello everybody, this is my first post so my apologies if it's not in the right section!

Last May I began growing a Bird Of Paradise from seed. I got the seed as a present from my parents when my wife and I bought our first home together. This was the first plant I have ever grown from a seed so I just followed the instructions on the packet and let it do its thing!

A year on and it seems to be doing quite well!





My question though.... Is the current size of pot ok for this plant or should I be looking to put it in a bigger pot?

Also... Are there any particular things I should be doing to help the plant? I water it when the soil on top becomes dry and I give it a bit of Baby-Bio a few times a month.

Any help would be much appreciated! image


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 29,766

    Hi Richard. Well done you for getting the plant to that size! It will need to be potted on as it grows. Strelitzias make substantial plants. When you see roots poking out the botoom of the pot then go one size up to another pot. Keep on doing what you have been doing. I saw these growing everywhere when I was in  Australia and was very envious - such a well named and striking plant.

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  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 9,409

    Also rife in Southern may have to wait a few years to get him to flowering size but a stunning plant when it gets there.

    Really all you need to consider is where it grows naturally and try to emulate those conditions.

    As Ladybird says above, don't be tempted to over pot and I'd add go easy on the wateringimage

  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 9,409

    I'd say Gloriosa is a completely different thing............tuberous climber but would agree that the flowers are stunning........glorious in fact image

  • richardc-srichardc-s Posts: 3

    Thanks for all of your replies!

    I'm glad I seem to be on the right track... I look forward to it getting bigger and eventually flowering. I've never seen one in person but from the pictures I've seen it seems I'll be in for a treat image

    When the plant is much bigger, say 2 feet tall, could I keep it as an indoor plant? I'd like it to live in the corner of my study. Or at that point would it need to be planted outside so it can expand properly?

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 29,766

    Richard, in the UK it must be kept indoors in a conservatory.. On a hot sunny day it could go out for a while but must come in at night plus it could be open to pest attack outside.

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  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 9,409

    Aym..........I first grew a Gloriosa in one of my largest heated G/h's about 25 years ago.  Did it from seed like you and was thrilled when it finally came to fruition.  I still have a couple of tubers from that original plant altho nowadays I haven't the space or the time to really give it what it deserves.

    When I first got mine, they were truly "exotic" but now seem readily available.

    I'd agree that the flowers are as interesting as the Strelitzia......I perhaps misunderstood what you were saying ( been hot here this pm ) but then when you really look, aren't all flowers fascinating in their makeup....big or small, fancy or plain ?

    I have a lovely Thalictrum aqu. in flower at the gives me as much pleasure to really look at it as any exotic flower ( and I'm a keen "exotic" person myself )image

  • Barbara74Barbara74 Posts: 1

    I bought my bird of paradise seeds at cran caneria airport last year and have lovingly taken care of them 

    I had three seeds but only two germinated 

    A couple of weeks ago I transplanted each seed into its own pot as I noticed roots poking out of bottom of plant pot 

    They are only in potting compost but I feed with ordinary plant food and they look happy !

    i keep them in the conservatory in full sun 


    Im looking forward to the next 12 months !!!!

  • richardc-srichardc-s Posts: 3

    Barbara, mine looked just like yours a few months ago! Mine seems to have grown a good few inches in the last few months. 

    I had 3 seeds and only the one came to life. 

    Good to know that it can't go outside, I'll just keep it in the study and it'll hopefully keep growing well. The study stays between roughly 17 and 21 degrees so should be warm enough for it to prosper image

    I may regret having found this forum...having looked through many threads I'm gathering a list of plants I want to grow in pots around the house image

  • tigerburnietigerburnie Posts: 61

    I grew one from seed twenty years ago, one out of the 8 or so seeds germinated, I kept repotting it each year and became massive, around 3 feet tall. It lived in the corner of an unheated conservatory and never flowered, then one year due to a lot of diy work, it was neglected and not re potted and it flowered fantastically. Sadly it was left behind when I moved north to Scotland, last I heard it's still flowering.

  • Guernsey Donkey2Guernsey Donkey2 Posts: 6,684

    We came across this beauty a couple of weeks ago - growing in a cold GH facing East. They were huge but had the advantage of space to grow.image

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