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Identify this please

Potty LottyPotty Lotty Posts: 65

I have a plant that looks uncannily like deadly nightshade but the flowers are white. The flowers are a bit tomatoey looking only small. It has a rope like stem and is climbing into my Passion flower. We are just clearing the area and wondered if it might be 'deadly'? Small ovoid mid green leaf. Creeps and climbs. Thanks folks.image


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    yes Solanum dulcamara, sometimes called bittersweet.

    I expect it's poisonous but it's not the one known as deadly night shade, that's Atropa belladonna.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Potty LottyPotty Lotty Posts: 65

    I am going to get it gone I think thank you for your help again folks?

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