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Choysia Aztec Pearl

Hi I have two of the above named plants, one is thriving but the other one is looking rather sorry for itself, as seen in the photos. Any ideas what the problem could be, it looks like its really struggling? Thanks




  • penelope19penelope19 Posts: 27

    Hi Verdun

    I wondered if it was too dry, it certainly looks that way; it was actually a cutting from the original choysia which my husband took the year before last. Last year it was coming on okay but this year not so.

    Interestin comments Tetley! A bit of a mystery as to why this happens but it certainly looks that way with mine. As you say, all the surrounding shrubs are fine.

    One thing that I thought might be an issue; I moved the shrub a couple of months ago to give it more space to grow and wondered if perhaps that has damaged it. I waited till the frost had gone and have watered it in well but perhaps that could be an issue?

    Thanks for the comments they're much appreciated.

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234

    I think you might have answered your own question.

    Someone said earlier if you love it don't move it. Hopefully it's just a temporary setback but it's certainly fed up with you. image Give it lots to eat and drink and it may come round.

  • penelope19penelope19 Posts: 27

    Oh dear, Plant pauper......I hope I haven't permanently damaged it, choysias are one of my faves! I only moved it because it was getting cramped in with other shrubs, wish I'd left it now. What do I feed it on, never sure what type of feed to use?

  • penelope19penelope19 Posts: 27

    Thanks for the suggestions folks....that'll teach me to go moving things that don't want to be moved!!

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