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Yet another query

MynxMynx Posts: 101

Here we go again! I am learning slowly honest!! I have a sort of rock garden and disturbed a rock yesterday, whereupon hundreds of tiny orange ants scuttled about. I looked up what they may be and think they are citronella ants. As the plants have flowered and seem to be doing ok, should I just leave them or try and get rid of them? 

Many thanks, Mynx


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,184

    Where are you situated Mynx as we don't get citronella ants in UK?

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  • MynxMynx Posts: 101

    Thanks Verdun, I think I will leave them be for now, they don't seem to be hurting the plants. 

    I'm in the Midlands Ladybird, I looked up tiny orange ants and that seemed to be the closest likeness. I will have another look later if we don't get them here and see if there is anything else I can find. image.

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,184

    Hi Mynx. They sound like Pharaoh Ants.

    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
  • MynxMynx Posts: 101

    Hi Ladybird. Yes I think they may well be, thank goodness they are in the garden and not in the house. Just looked up all about them and for the first time am really thankful that my OH refuses to have central heating, otherwise we may well have been looking for a pest controller!! 

    I will leave them alone for now, but have learned that boracic acid is the best deterrent which I will apply when the flowers have had their season. Thanks very much for the help.

  • B3B3 Posts: 25,219

    There's been a nest of red ants in an apple tree stump in my garden for about five years. We leave each other alone and there's been no problem.

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