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A few weeks ago I saw this bitten, ragged, poor fatsia in a garden centre and felt compelled to rescue it. 

It had definitely been overwatered, and was sitting in a pool. I emptied the excess water from the outer pot into the local tray and bought it. I didn't water it until it had dried out - a good week - and put it in my front room which has a large north window. 

I'm sad to say the photo you see is the way its gone... Plenty of leaves falling off, the stems, which have turned yellow, with them.

Leaves have also started curling up and going crispy and black. I believe this is a sign off too much sun - I didn't think it would have done that badly in a northern aspect! 

However, if you look closely it seems like new growth is appearing from the main stems, curious little fronds. 

I have moved it to a shadier spot in the front room. 

Essentially, do we think it was a gonner when I bought it? And I just made it worse by exposing it to too much sun. Or can it be saved? 

Please help. 


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,350

    I'd put it somewhere shady outside.

    I can't see the pic.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Hi nutcutlet

    I live in a flat, so I'd prefer to keep it inside. 

    I can'seem to get the photo part to work unfortunately. 

  • Hi Lantana 

    Thanks for your response. I can'seem to get the photo part to work. 

    It was indoor at the garden centre. The temperature change makes sense, it wasn't near a radiator but I live I'm Glasgow ad we have just had a random heatwave. Up from about 14 degrees to 20-25 over the past week and a half. 

    My flat doesn't have good ventilation either, and it's in my front room/kitchen so it gets really hot when we cook. 

    I could move it to the spare bedroom, it's colder there  as we hardly use but gets the southern sun in the day (I would put it in a shady spot) 

    Do you think this would help? 


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