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Little Friend


My little friend had been following me all around the garden yesterday. He/she constantly fed from my hand. And a couple of times I went into the house, and when I came out again, he or she was just waiting there for me. It certainly made my day.

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  • darren636darren636 Posts: 666

    That's wonderful

    Robins can be very tame 

    I once had one sit on my shoulder in Kew gardens.

    He even started to sing!

    Which was incredibly loud from 4cm away

  • image

    Made us smile tonight 

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234

    Brilliant. A friend indeed!

  • Guernsey Donkey2Guernsey Donkey2 Posts: 6,713

    That's lovely Jacqueline - we love birds too but unfortunately the neighbours cat has now turned from a cute little kitten into a killer cat - I was heartbroken to see it had a blue tit today - do we continue to feed the birds & supply bird boxes or not - the birds give us so much pleasure especially when they bring their new brood to feed from the bird table.

  • Jacqueline29Jacqueline29 Posts: 385

    I know what you mean Guernsey, it is a very difficult one. I too have a cat (I had two but sadly lost one recently), they are indoor cats. Saying that they both used to come out with me, they just loved watching what I was doing and sniffing the warm summer air. Neither of them went for the birds, in fact my other cat used to duck down and hide when they flew over. And as soon as I came into the house they would follow me.

    My other cat still comes out in the garden with me, which is lovely. And all that she will do, is to growl and hiss and any intruders (other cats) that take one little paw step into our garden.

    I do count myself really lucky to have a cat that does not chase birds, and the beautiful wonder of seeing out wildlife and birds merrily enjoying their food and water. So in a way Pippa is a guard cat. image

    Here she is keeping a beady eye out for trespassers.

  • Pauline101Pauline101 Posts: 1
    Hello from a new member today. My cat Pumpkin does kill birds as well as mice/voles. Anything she can catch in fact. Although I've entered the wildlife garden section it is not really my interest. I have a hedged and fenced back garden but not a back door. I have to go round my bungalow to get into it. Outside the front and only door is communal council area which I am not allowed to fence. I have a small paved bit with room for a few containers that I call mine though it isn't.

    My interest in both bits is that it is for the dog and cat, without them or plants making it so much of a tip for people to complain to the council. I should be out there now trimming the hedge down and back. There are some climbers which I like and should be tying to the fence and hedge. I'm saying hedge but it is really mainly shrubs that I inherited from the previous tenant. I brought some of my own as well. Theirs had bushed out into the garden and had to be sawn back leaving ugly stumps but more room.

    So It's intended to be a pet friendly garden rather than for wildlife. The ground slopes down to the bungalow all round, so through winter it was a lake and mud patch. I put stone chippings down where I could and also raised the fence so it was secure for a dog (one of the sheds is a shelter for her in bad weather. She lives indoors with me of course but spends quite a lot of time out there. The chippings are laid too thick I think as the grass has not grown back, only a few dandylions and dock. So there is a lot of tidying up to do. Anything in the back garden has to survive a destructive dog. Containers at the front are for the cat's nepeta and for anything native that I like. There is also cat grass in pots indoors as well.

    I really like wildlife and think human beings are incredibly greedy and stupid to kill the planet that we share. Fortunately in the peak park there is still room for many species, even a few badgers not far away. It seems no hedgehogs which I'm sad about especially as there are far too many slugs and snails. Most of the birds are sparrows, probably house sparrows but a robin and also a few blue tits, also blackbirds and there are pidgeons I'm not sure what kind they are. I think I have also seen bats. Basically I prefer animals to people but especially my own pet animals.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 3,277
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  • Guernsey Donkey2Guernsey Donkey2 Posts: 6,713

    What a good, handsome cat Pippa is, Jacqueline. You are lucky to have such a dear little companion and now a robin too. I am wondering if our neighbours cat is catching so many creatures (shrew this morning) because they feed him on dry food rather than tinned meaty food. Perhaps I will tactfully suggest this to them although I know the meat attracts flies and makes a mess & they can leave his dry meal out all day whilst they are at work.

  • Hi Guernsey, I think cats will hunt regardless of what, or how much, they are fed.  Perhaps your neighbours would agree to putting a bell on the cat's collar, it might give the birds a better chance. We thought our garden was safe, our nearest neighbour is 1/4 mile away, and have encouraged birds to feed and nest, only to see a cat from goodness knows where, regularly lurking in the garden close to where the dunnocks nest ........image

    Love your pic, Jacqueline, your little friend looks very cute image

  • Guernsey Donkey2Guernsey Donkey2 Posts: 6,713

    A bell seems to be a good idea MW and I will suggest it to them however the cat doesn't wear a collar but is microchiped which is very popular over here. I know cats are related to their big wild cousins so hunting is in their genes but we become so attached to our birds - watching them bring their broods to the bird table, feeding them, watching them learning to fly, building nests etc. etc. it is heartbreaking to find a load of feathers on the lawn and one very naughty cat.

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