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Which geraniums do I have?

CraighBCraighB Posts: 744

I was given these 2 types of geraniums but I'm not sure which type I have? One seems to be a low growing type with the flowers high above the leaves and the others don't have flowers yet but the leaves are high above the ground.

any help would be great :) thanksimageimageimageimage


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,819

    Hi. It is very difficult to name geraniums until we can see the flowers as so many look quite similar in their leaf forms. They are both hardy and will be lovely when they flower - whichever named variety.

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  • CraighBCraighB Posts: 744

    In the first 2 pics there are flowers. Little pink ones. Not sure if you can see them or not? 

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,819

    Hi Craig. I can see them - should have gone to Specsavers - but on my screen they look white image but it is still too difficult to actually name this one. There may be a geranium expert on here who will spot your post and respond.

    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
  • CraighBCraighB Posts: 744

    Thanks LadyBird :)

  • CraighBCraighB Posts: 744

    Well I've found the first ones! They are oxonianum Katherine Adele.

    It's going to be too difficult finding the second ones though without the flowers so I will have to wait I think :)

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,295

    the first also looks a bit like one called 'Walter's Gift' 

    You'll find a lot of geraniums look a bit like something or other.

    The species  (ie those that are wild somewhere and haven't been hybridised or otherwise manipulated) can be positively ID'd. Some of the hybrids and cultivars can be ID'd,  those that don't seed. The rest are a promiscuous lot of self seeders/cross pollinators and could be anything.

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