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hi all

can i get some advise on what to put in a raised bed for flowering. my partner has created an L shape raised bed (12inch high) using decking materials, but now we stuck in what to do next as we have heard various things. For example what to fill with, so we start with paper, cardboard, what type of soil and how much. Do we need to mulch. 

Any help welcomed


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,744

    Hi Nina 14. To prolong the life of the bed I would first line the walls only with something waterproof like old compost bags or pond lining. If it is sitting on the soil then you don't really need to use paper, cardboard etc. Use a good soil - John Innes No3 if you cannot get topsoil - to fill it up. Dig in some well rotted manure and then all you have to do is plant up and enjoy.

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