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Geraniums from Thompson &Morgan

has anyone else had trouble growing on the petunias and geraniums sent as plug plants from T&M this spring.

i have had a second lot sent to me after complaining about them, but the geraniums are not doing very well.  I have had them before and never had any trouble.  Any ideas?



  • sooty5sooty5 Posts: 107

    Oh yes ! I had 36 red geraniums (pelargoniums) on order which should have been delivered before the end of April. After emailing them to ask where they were i had phone call on 5th May to say they had been despatched on the 3rd May. They eventually arrived on 9th May , all dying in a mouldy pack. I emailed Thompson and Morgan and Gardeners World which was where i ordered them from and as yet have not received an answer . Very disappointed , What poor customer service .

  • royd63kroyd63k Posts: 63

    yes i have had very poor plug geraniums still struggling to get them to grow


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,497

    My local SM had trays of good sized module grown pelargoniums and petunias at 20 for £3. I bought some, potted on, and they have romped away. Better value I think than the T&M 'offer', especiallly given the cost of pelargonium seeds.

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,904
    aym280 says:

    You could  take some photos and email or phone them. They are not a bad company. 

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    See original post

     You've not been here long have you? image There are entire threads devoted to T&M

    and that's from way back then.

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  • Good morning everyone,

    Richard here from the Customer Care Team at Thompson & Morgan.

    If there are any outstanding issues that need attending to, I'll be more than happy to help.

    You're very welcome to call the Customer Care Hotline on 0333 400 0033 - if you would like to ask for me, I'll be happy to personally take care of you. I work both weekend days from 9am - 6pm.

    Alternatively, you may respond to this post with an order reference number e.g. T12345678 or W1234567 or an email reference number that we will have sent to you in response to any emails you may have sent us. The email reference number will look something like this: TM1234567X.

    (As soon as I have these details I will look into your account for you).

    Alternatively, you may private message me (at the weekends) via our T&M Facebook page, which can be found here:

    I will look forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,


  • Hi Richard

    Have copied and pasted this from another thread I posted on today, re. Order no. W6689449

    Another who has had bad customer service from Thompson & Morgan.  I ordered various things - plug plants, seeds, plants- on 1st may all of which were to be delivered by end may except one end of June.

     No communication, not able to check order online as it wasnt visible when I put my details in, and together with my basket still cominous up as full on the website, I was worried order hadn't been processed despite confirmation email.  2 emails unanswered except for automatic reply, long waits on customer services number. Eventually got through to discover only seeds were going to be delivered by end of may (they should have been sent straight away).  Rest were out of stock and only delivered july or August which is pretty pointless for summer bedding / tender perennial.

    no apology, no offer of alternative that was in stock, just "we can cancel your order and you can reorder from website" - now will have to pay more to get similar as later in season and less growing time for seeds / plugs.  Was even told I had left it too late to order even though their website said it was in  stock at the time of ordering.  Not to mention that the seeds had at last been sent despite the order page now saying they were out of stock.  I would have been very open to an apology and an offer of an appropriate substitute, but frankly I have little faith in ordering again.  


  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    I've not had awful experiences but last week received 9 free 'garden ready' perennials...hmmm...not ready for any garden I would say, ok, my march sown delphiniums are way ahead of what I received, one geranium looks dead and the poppies aren't looking too well either.. I received them 7 days after the 'packaged on' date, so they obviously had suffered by being stuck in the post for that long,( how can it take a full week to get plants?) luckily I had time to water and pot them that day, my problem is I'm such a techno idiot I'll never manage/get round to taking photos ( same as of the very orangey 'pink' tulips I've had from Parkers, I really need to brush up my technology 

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,904

    Don't even start me about Parkers....image

  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    Twic eI've had the wrong colour tulips from them! I'll be pulling the orangey tulips and and giving them to my Mum who isn't as picky as me about colour! GRRRR I hate orange!!

  • Rosemummy, that is exactly the state that mine turned up in, a week after the I had received the email confirming despatch. Luckily I stopped what I was doing the moment they were delivered and potted them up. The leaves were pretty much yellow. Still waiting to see a week on if they will revive enough to plant out. 

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