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No flowers on plum tree

My plum tree never really came into flower this spring. I noticed a few scattered petals but then nothing more. Just checked today and I can only find a few handfuls of plums starting to grow. It's an old Victoria that was heaving with fruit last year. Leaves are all healthy and bushy. So I guess it means no more flowers now but any idea what went wrong? Did we have a late frost? Windy/wetter spring than other years?


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 32,165

    Hi Nattygirl. We did have a frost but it could also have been bullfinches. They have been very busy in my garden this year!

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  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,469

    Same with ours. Also a victoria plum. It's a young plant and we only got 2 plums last year. 

  • NattygirlNattygirl Posts: 21

    Thanks, fingers crossed for bumper crop next year then. And I never knew that about bullfinches. There have indeed been some in the tree! I'll have to put bird foor out next time!

  • kbopkbop Posts: 12

    Hi I noticed my plum tree only had a few last year but this year showing a few improved signs.

    however the few plums I did get last year all had small maggots in the middle which i believe is plum sawfly? I read spraying the flowers with something may help but the flowers have come and gone now so not sure if it's too late?

  • Valerie-15Valerie-15 Posts: 1

    Hi we have a plumb tree weve had it for 4 years but never had flours on it or fruit i dont know why anyone got any idea plz 

  • Please don't spray when the flowers are opening, it will harm the bees and other pollinators that we rely on for the fruit.

    Plums flower earlier in the year than other fruit trees so are more likely to be affected by cold and/or wet weather. Our old damson didn't have many flowers this year and it was a very cold, although dry, spring. Some years it has flowered in November or December when the weather has been really mild!

    Victoria is normally a heavy cropper and it will probably come good next year, and if you have bullfinches you are lucky, we have them here but before moving here from built up Hampshire I hadn't seen any since my childhood - I remember my dad cursing them as they stripped the buds from his fruit trees! Try growing some native honeysuckle, our bullfinches far prefer the berries on that to anything in my orchard image  

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