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Laurel in a pot?

jgrjgr Posts: 2

Greetings!  I have a boundary fence between my house and a grain store. I would like to block the view of the grain store and thought of planting a laurel hedge to rise to 8 or 9 ft. Most of the run can be managed OK but the last 4 metres nearest my house is next to a concrete surface and utility cupboards. Will I be OK to plant this last section in pots?, how big should the posts be?, is there anything better than laurel for the job? All help gratefully appreciated from a self builder with no money left!!


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,212

    Hi jgr. You would need a lot of money to buy containers big enough to take an 8-9 ft plant. Have you thought about maybe having a rectangular raised bed (wooden pallets make good material) and I'm talking about the raised beds being 1m x 1m x 1 m. My nephew built some for his Dad as bending over to garden nearer the ground was becoming difficult. He can happily garden now at a good height and he grows his veggies in them. Whatever you have to do it is going to be a big task and unfortunately expensive - unless you are planning on buying smallish plants and then waiting however many years they take to reach the height you want. You may have to put up with the grain store view for a while. Could you post a picture so we can understand your problem?

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  • jgrjgr Posts: 2

    Good evening Ladybird 4 and sorry for not replying more quickly - I thought I would receive an alert if anybody was kind enough to message me!!  

    Here are 2 pictures of my "work in progress!"  One shows the run with the border (about 800mm wide) and the grain store  behind and the other shows the area where the electricity cables come in and the wheelie bin is stored - about 4 metres in total.. I would ideally like the hedge to run to  just 50 cms off the edge of my house if I can and also to keep the width to around 50 cms also.  Is laurel the best bet???

    I really appreciate your help


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