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Julie LanteriJulie Lanteri Posts: 133


good morning all,

I bought this iris from a stall last year, labelled "blue iris"... for £1 i can't complain! It has a fat rhizome that i haven't buried and it has formed lots of new fans. I don't know anything about irises and keep seeing terms like bearded, siberian, etc... What kind is mine? (Nowhere near blue but it's lovely!)


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,215

    Hi Julie. Yours is a bearded iris and you have planted and treated it exactly right. Its a beauty.

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  • Julie LanteriJulie Lanteri Posts: 133

    Thank you Ladybird4, so new label "gorgeous purple bearded iris". It goes very well with the purple tulips and the alliums are coming next... ?

    I bought two and the other sent up a flower spire ridiculously early and rotted away... Will it try to flower again this year or is it too late? Can't wait to find out what colour it is...

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,215

    Julie, your other iris will probably not flower again this year but at least it will have the chance to establish and you will get the flowers next Spring /Summer

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  • Lena_vs_DeerLena_vs_Deer Posts: 203
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    If it ends up being variety "Old Fashioned Purple" then very unlikely to rebloom in fall. But these are incredibly hardy! 

    (I know i'm really late with this, but maybe someone was still wondering about iris name)
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