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PotwomanPotwoman Posts: 76

Finally after years have flowering wisteria ..... But still loads of leaves.     Others around have masses of flowers with only a few leaves    Is it a case of the more flowers there are less leaves ?? 


  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,901

    Maybe investigate feeding. There are plant foods that specifcally encourage flowering and some produce more leaves. For example if you want tomatoes you'll need flowers but if you want sprouts....not so much. Try a couple of doses of tomato food and hopefully you'll see an improvement. It's all to do with the balance of phosphates and nitrogen etc...blah blah (said the chemist image)

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,831

    Hi Potwoman. It may have something to do with the pruning. Pruning at the back end of Summer - shortening the new shoots to a few buds - will encourage the formation of flowers for the following season.

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  • MeelyMeely Posts: 79

    Have you got a floribunda? They produce leaves at the same time as flowers. Maybe the others in the vicinity are sinensis which produce flowers first. 

  • MeelyMeely Posts: 79

    Also think when they start to flower those flowers increase year on year so you will have more next year hopefully (I have a floribunda and have found that to be the case) 

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