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pitter-patterpitter-patter Posts: 2,378

Does anyone know what these plants are? Or at least if they are likely to be weeds? 



  • The climber with small leaves is a jasmine . Not sure about the larger leaved plant though.

  • pitter-patterpitter-patter Posts: 2,378


    Thank you, Nutcracke. What about this one?

  • BluebellaBluebella Posts: 7

    That looks like a penstemen.

  • MuddyForkMuddyFork Posts: 435

    The second one could be a Willowherb.

  • pitter-patterpitter-patter Posts: 2,378

    Thanks, Petal11 & MuddyFork. I guess I'll have to wait till it blooms. Two months ago I cleared a pot that looked 'uninhabited', so I've thrown the compost in the garden. I did see some roots, but I thought nothing of it until I've seen the new shoots growing.

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Far more likely to be penstemon looking at the thickness of those woody stems.

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