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Any advice on which petrol lawn mower to purchase when I have never had one before.  Not a huge lawn but takes about 45 mins to complete front and back.   Thanks


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    45 minutes to mow the lawns suggests they are a decent size.  I've had Mountfield in the past and never been very happy with them.  I went to a specialist garden machinery place when I was looking for a new one and they pointed me in the direction of the Honda Izy range as being good quality, mid-price and reliable.  I've been more than happy with the Honda.  It starts very easily too.

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    Lots of fans of Honda petrol mowers on this forum - myself included.

    I decided to buy a (Honda) replacement for my old Honda last year . They old one had been used once or twice a week on a 1/3 acre lawn for the best part of 20 years. I still got £50 for it - sold for spares / refurb to a local handy andy.

    Not cheap but they are reliable and long lasting. Good value IMO

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    Go for a Honda, and consider a self propelled model so it goes along by itself with you walking behind it. Also consider if you want one with a rear roller for stripes, they also help with mowing upto the edges of the lawn, whereas with a wheeled model the wheels fall off the edge of the lawn and into the border.

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    I like Honda too, the easiest to start.

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    Suffolk Punch 43DL.

    Unbeatable for the average size garden. Makes mowing the lawn a pleasure. Not too big and not too small. Easy start and reasonably quiet. A “proper” gardener’s mower. Well I like it anyway. My Father and Grandfathers choice as well.

    Can be found second hand on EBay for very reasonable outlay. I paid only 60 pounds for mine last year as I moved house and needed a “new” mower for my new lawn.

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    Annother vote fr the Honda Izy mower. A dream to start after my last Mountfielld. Higghly recommended. Not cheap though.

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