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Hi all,

I am updating my C.V.  and for my Personal Interests(used to call them hobbies onetime) I want to put Gardening  and Reading. 

But how do I expand on that to make them sound interesting and also to stretch the C.V, a bit longer.

I'm just brain dead now, and cannot string a sentence together.



  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,173

    "I enjoy all aspects of gardening - domestic horticulture.  I have expanded my interest by reading extensively around the subject, and have ensured that I continue to take into account current problems and issues with the subject  - for example,  certain insecticides and general pest control, together with an increased understanding of impact on the wider ecosystems.

    I also enjoy reading - both fiction as well as non-fiction, especially when related to my other hobbies. "

    Well - it's a start!  But something like that gives a better perspective and understanding of the person than just listing two basic interests.  Hope that helps.

  • Angela 17Angela 17 Posts: 74

    That's brilliant SV. Thank you so much.

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