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Greenhouse question

My back garden is north facing with a tall beech hedge down one side and a fence down the other. I would love to have a greenhouse and my husband has persuaded me that I do have space (subject to removing a large conifer - I think he thinks that the dining room would then be reclaimed for things other than baby plants,  he'll learn). I am only considering a small greenhouse, probably 4x4ft but given that it would not be in sun all day, I do wonder if it would be just a waste of money? Is it still going to protect young plants if it only has sun for the afternoon, or part of and then maybe down one length? Your opinions are/will be much appreciated. Thx 


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    Straight on blazing sunshine on a greenhouse isn't necessarily a good thing either. A little bit of moderation is a good thing and the heat from the sun will be retained for ages. Get your shading and insulation in balance and a greenhouse is ALWAYS a good thing. As for the dining room??? Meh!

    Go for the biggest one you have room for/can afford. It's amazing how quickly it will fill. They are like reverse Tardises!

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    Tardae??? image

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    Thanks Pauper. I'm at work but researching... Am also considering as an alternative a lean to (not measured the wall yet)  but in my head I think they're would be room on the west side for a v small (probably 2x2) lean to. This is on the patio and so bar would not be an issue. 

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    "clap 'til" image (that means clapped till the wall. my friend's granny had a clap til and we all thought it was a brilliant name so it stuck)!

    Lean tos...also good. The wall at the back can be used for climby things or tomatoes and the like. Make sure you have access to all parts of it though. 4x4 and 2x2 are really tiny. You'll get seed trays and things in but little else. Try and steal some space from somewhere.

    ...and get on with your work.

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    I've got a 6ft x 2ft lean-to on a west facing wall.
    It's too small to be really useful, but great to start plants off and I get masses of toms from the 4 plants I grow in there each year.

    I'm having a 10x8 g/h installed later in the yr.



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    That looks impressive! 

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