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Turf laying help

I'm wanting my garden levelling and turfing, however there use to be a large hole in the garden which we've been having fires in and I left with a rather horrible patch, any suggestions to turfing over this and general costs, the gardens roughly 5m by 15m 



  • Does it definitely all need re turfing? What does it look like with a mow?

    you might find you can just patch the bald area with turf once you've cleared it and dug it over - a lot cheaper!

    ot do you need it all re turfing as it needs levelling? I can't tell from the pics how level it is.

  • It's really un level all order I do need it all levelling out

  • image

    Ive started cutting it today it dips down in the middle, I have no idea what to do to this garden?? 

  • dominomandominoman Posts: 150

    Thats a great start.  It already looks much better.

    I'd do this one bit at a time.  First clear the rock debris from the old bonfire and take it down the tip (or if you don't have a car then use your wheely bin and just put in a couple of bricks a week).

    If the old flagstone path isn't really needed you could lift that using a spade or crowbar.  

    Cut the hedge.  Perhaps dig a border for some plants.

    The lawn doesn't look bad at all.  If you get a lawn care guy in he will treat it and can level using a few bags of topsoil on top.  You don't need to spend thousands on this.  All these jobs could be done by you or by a gardener / handyman.

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