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Weeds in flower bed

Hi. Im new to the forum and kind of new to gardening too. I dug out my grass to make a flower bed a few yrs ago and to be honest it has been a bit neglected this year. Its totally over run by weeds and it taking ages to dig them out.

Is there any methods that i can use to kill them altogether? I dont have any plants in there as yet so was even thinking, is it worth my while just covering the whole patch with weed killer? How soon after using weed killer can i plant flowers on the patch? Its not really bothering me this year if there is flowers in it or not. Just as long as those weeds r gone

Thanks in advance


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,027

    Many modern weedkillers become inert on contact with the soil so you could certainly plant within a couple of weeks of spraying weedkiller.  I would leave it a couple of weeks to give the weedkiller time to be absorbed fully by the plants.  Be aware though that weed seeds will probably still be around so you will need to keep an eye open and run a hoe over the borders to keep the new ones down.

  • Thank you KT53 im going to dig as many as possible out then just cover in weed killer. As long as it looks nice im not bothered about flowers. 

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