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When can I prune lilac?

jenny jjenny j Posts: 8

Hi, my lilac is now fantastically in bloom, but when would be the best time to prune it? It's leaning out over my lawn, and needs to be cut back on that side. conversely, it's leaning away from my fence, and I'd like to encourage it to grow closer. My neighbours recently took down a lot of hedging on their side of my fence, so I need my lilac bush now for screening, hence the need to encourage it to grow more 'vertically', which hopefully it should do now there is more light after the neighbour's hedge has gone.

Thanks for answers.


  • darren636darren636 Posts: 666

    Immediately after flowering .

    Take the stems down to the height you want it to flower at next year 

    Mulch around the base and give it a generous watering 

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