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Preparing ground for trampoline

Hi there, 

Thanks in advance for helping me. I like to do things right, so appreciate sound advice. 

We're installing the inevitable trampoline in our garden and I need to prepare a space in the corner shown in the photo. image

The questions that are bugging me are:

I think the soil level will be higher than then fence's wooden baseboards, should i protect them from the soil with a membrane? If so, which type and how should it be installed. 

I'll also need to contain the soil at the front edges of the area. Would sleepers be best for this? How can sleepers be anchored so that they do not move?

With the fence on one side and sleepers around the visible front edges, what should I do at the back? Or should I put sleepers all around?

Finally, I guess I'll be putting bark chippings on top of the soil. Does one just lay weed membrane edge to edge under bark or is there more to it? 

Thanks for any input. 



  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,750

    You will definitely need to protect the fence and it will take more than a membrane to do that.  Soil is heavy and will push out against the fence.  I would think you will need sleepers on all 4 sides.

    The other question is why are you raising the soil level?  If it's to reduce the height of the trampoline base from the ground, have you considered digging holes for the trampoline legs instead, and putting concrete pads in the holes?  It will be easier and a lot cheaper.

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,904

    And safer. 

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