Spraying weeds growing in neighbours garden

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A bit of back ground.

I have for the last three years sprayed the weeds that grow in neighbours garden up the wire fence that divides the gardens, by mutual consent.

The neighbour was elderly and his gardeners were only pulling out weeds in the middle of the garden , I say pulling out breaking the tops off and leaving roots is more like it.

My neighbor's son was aware of my spraying and did his best to assist in making sure not too much weed came my side of the fence. I also washed the near side of next doors garden with slug nematodes to keep the ever growing population in my garden down.

I now have new neighbors who apart from sticking up a shed and clearing a patch of crocosmia to plant some beans have left the weeds on the boundary to go mad.

The slugs and snails are coming through like mad as the patch cleared for the shed and beans was the slug and snail central command,  under the thick foliage of blue bells elephant ears and crocosmia .

I have no intention of buying extra nematodes to do the near part of their garden this year, but is it ok to spray through a wire fence to limit the weeds ?


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    Tell them your helping. Everybody likes help. image

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    I agree with Plant Pauper, talk to them they probably like the help:)

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    Fully agree,  Invite them round for a welcoming cuppa or glass of wine and eventually take them for a walk around your garden where the issue could be sneaked into the conversation. image

    Spraying someone elses plants (even if they are weeds) without permission is actually criminal damage.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
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    Things are not good with the new neighbours , they annoy me and although i try hard to say politely when they disturb me they take offense.so after the second occasion I do not bother.

    I just get daggers off  him and she gives me that I am smiling at you because you intimidate me look . Just going to say sod it and use up last of spray on weeds , but not buying any more. Will have to send them a letter if they continue to ignore the weeds. 

    I am not good with people , I do not go out , it takes me days to get up the nerve to post on here as it scares me what people might say, so i find it hard to talk to neighbours.

    My neighbours seem to be of the type we own this house we will do as we like and consider nobody else and how our plans effect them, which to an extent is right but in a way thoughtless, blocking my sunlight with construction, builders early and DIY late without a sorry about the disturbance. Kids screaming down the garden etc.

    They have also snapped at my son because once he had his stereo only a little loud in the evening, he just went mad in response about the building work banging as he had been working late night shifts.

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    Oh dear nin. I'm sorry I'm so like you. I'm such a sissy when it comes to that kind of thing. My neighbour, who is thankfully quite far away, has people staying to fish his pond at the mo and on Friday they turned on their van radio and opened the doors so that we could all share their music. We live in a natural little amphitheatre and it boomed all around for ages. I'm miles from anywhere. If I wanted music I'd listen to my own. I sat indoors and fumed for hours planning what I would say to them....come the revolution! image It's not easy with neighbours but it's not worth getting upset over either. 

    Come the revolution eh???

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    If there is just a wire fence, then its probably impossible to not let a bit of the weedkiller go over the boundary line, so in that respect, I wouldn't worry too much.  Even better if you're a bit elderly with poor eyesight and a jittery hand. image You could wait until you are sure there is nobody at home and then go out and spray.  They probably won't really understand why the weeds have died (you can just say they must be seasonal!!).   I doubt police would prosecute for criminal damage for a bunch of dead weeds, but they might have a stern word if they were being particularly nasty.

    Where I live, I've got a nice elderly chap around the corner who always makes his front garden look stunning - whilst next door, they have allowed all sorts of weeds to grow in their borders including dandelions, plantains and thistles.  It does look a bit of a sorry mess.  I really feel sorry for the elderly guy but actually, when I spoke to him he said he just gets on with what he has to do, and doesn't get stressed with what goes on next door.  'Each to their own', he said.

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