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Growing on top of brick wall

Hi, I will be building a new garden brick wall of 2 meters high. To soften it up, I want to plant climbers or flowers on top of the wall (so not anything from the side or growing from the ground). There will be some sort of trellis on top to support the plats. My question is, is it possible to grow directly on top of the brick wall? Will this damage the wall in anyway? Or must I use pots?

Many thanks for reading.


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,496

    Plants need soil to grow in. How do you intend to keep the soil on top of the wall?

    How will you reach the plants to water,or deadhead or tie them in?

    And most importantly, pots or not, how willl you ensure that the whole thing is safe and won't come crashing down on you or someone else when the wind gets up?

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