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Pruning a ceanothus


i have an evergreen variegated-leaf ceanothus ('Zanzibar' I think but the label has gone).

its really untidy and looks unsightly and I'd like to hard prune it.  Other websites warn against it, so I thought I'd ask if anyone has actually done this and was it a success or failure ?

I'm not bothered about losing flowers this year, but I don't really want to kill it !



  • I have an evergreen ceanothus can I prune it hard,and when
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 9,562

    The RHS website says evergreen ceanothus are best not pruned and don't respond well to hard renovation pruning.

    You could try anyway if it's got too big for the space it's in, but be prepared to lose it.

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  • I cut our evergreen ceanothus back early in the year, it was 7 feet tall and had lots of dead brown leaves. This summer it came back very well with no problem. 
  • This is interesting to me as we have a small ceanothus in it's first year (no flowers yet) which I am thinking of pruning this autumn/winter.  I was only planning on giving it a small trim and to take some stem cuttings too.
  • I thought that too Lantana, but the twig of a cutting that I planted in the Spring has grown to over a foot tall and perhaps 18 inches wide - very leggy, thin and spindly, I would like the plant to thicken up ..... I will give your advice some serious consideration.
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