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Fatsia Japonica help!

Kelly LongKelly Long Posts: 4

Newbie gardener here looking for a little advice. I have a Fatsia Japonica in my new garden which seems to get a bit of a battering when the wind wips up and is also in full sun most of the day. He is well established but looking a tad yellow and I feel a little sorry for him. 

I do have an area next to a fence with a bed in which is basically filled with beach pebbles at the mo. It is in the shade most of the day would a fatsia do better in this location? I have clay soil. I have tried loading up pictures but on my Android phone and struggling to find a way to do this. 

Thank you in advance for reading :-) 



  • punkdocpunkdoc Sheffield, Derbyshire border.Posts: 11,987

    I grow a Fatsia, in almost full shade, and it has done very well, for at lest 10 years.

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  • AWBAWB Posts: 421

    I planted one in the shadow of a conifer beside a pond many years ago, it was never really happy until the pond sprung a small leak, now flourishing.

  • Kelly LongKelly Long Posts: 4

    I know in the past the planting in the garden was very shady the last owners did no gardening and everything was overgrown. So i think with me cutting back amd removing it has exposed him a little. Are they easy to.move do you know? If not I suppose I could remove my exsiting one and plant a new one in the shade! 

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