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Euonymus - recently moved, now turning red

Hi there. I recently had to move two fairly large and established euonymus bushs across the garden. They were a bit of a 'mare to get out, in all honesty, but we were as gentle as we could be given the circumstances.

One of them seems entirely happy in its new spot (it's an emerald and gold or emerald surprise, I think). The other - I'm not sure. I don't know which one it is, it's a variegated type but much paler, green and white rather than green and yellow. It's started getting a reddish tinge to it. Having read a bit online, I've seen that they can go red in winter. 

Is it in trouble? (It doesn't appear to be dropping any leaves). Or is this normal? I didn't own the garden this time last year, so not sure if this is normal behaviour for this particular shrub!

Any advice gratefully received - I would hate to lose it. We made sure the new planting hole was full of goodness and that it's been getting a regular water to help get it established in its new home, I'm not sure what else I could do?


  • Thanks Verdun :)

    It was moved about a month ago when it was damper, I've been keeping an eye on it since then. I'll give it a haircut to see if that helps it along.

  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532

    Is it in the same position as the other? If not it could be a bit colder where it is:)

  • goddygoddy Posts: 35

    Hi, Is there anyone can advise me? I am beginning to think I have a disease affecting many of plants and shrubs. The leaves start to go brown and die (but not the plant)or curl up. Last year my  sweet peas looked very healthy but then started with the very tips of the plant and new buds dying back. I have heard Epsom salts as a folder spray can help fortify plants and make them stronger and more resistant but I am not sure if it would cure this I neither have the energy or the finance to replace affected plants and I know there are many diseases out there. I garden organically so chemicals are out of the question. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Logan says:

    Is it in the same position as the other? If not it could be a bit colder where it is:)

    See original post

     It's been moved sideways about twenty feet - probably a little more shady than where the other one has been moved to and where it was originally. It would have had sun for most of the day previously. It's now still west facing, but in a shadier spot.

  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532

    That's probably why it's changed colour:)

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