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Can anyone help me treat my ailing standard holly tree!!

i have standard Van Tol holly trees placed, in pots, either side of my front door. The house is an end of terrace, faces north/east and looks onto a village green with no passing traffic. Whilst the one to the right as you look out the door is thriving well the one to the left looks quite poorly and , whilst it bore many berries this winter it's branches and leaves are quite sparse. That side of the house is more exposed as there are no more houses for around 120 feet which may be the problem? Any suggestions/advice as to how to remedy the situation would be very welcome. 



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 83,784

    Hello a4ange image

    A photo would be good.  Also some more information -how big is the holly, what size pot is it in and what sort of compost/growing medium is in the pot.  When was it last repotted and what is the feeding and watering regime?

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