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Frogs and frogspawn in pond

For the first time since installing a pond, we found a frog and frogspawn in itimage. Then two of our fish mysteriously died. Not knowing much about frogs and fish together, we decided that maybe it was not just a coincident. We made another very small pond and transferred the frogspawn and the frog to it. Now there is no sign of the frog and the frogspawn have disappeared to the bottom. What did we do wrong and what should we have done, does anyone know? Much obliged.


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    sounds like lack of oxygen in both cases, it can happen at this time of year.

    the frogs will simply of moved on, frogspawn doesn't like being on the bottom of the pond, they like the warmth of sunlight to help the tadpoles develop.

  • bluetitchbluetitch Posts: 4

    We have a wildlife pond and for the past two years ,in spite of a good amount of hatched frogspawn,

    we can find no sign of tadpoles. We have a few newts and dragonfly nymphs. Would these consume all of the tadpoles? 

  • little beelittle bee Posts: 68

    We have had our small wildlife pond for 2 years & although we have frogs we have seen our first frogspawn this year but i can only see 2 tadpoles we have noticed a lot of tiny green leaves on top of the pond does anyone know how to get rid of it we have tried our little net but cant get it all we do have lots of plants in the pond & it tends to congregate around the stems I have heard Bluetitch that newts eat tadpoles but been a newbie im not 100% sure?

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234

    Sounds like duckweed little bee. Someone recently suggested using a hose to push their pondweed all into one place and then fishing it out. You'll never get it all but it may help control it. Mine all blows to one end and I fish out as much as I can.

  • little beelittle bee Posts: 68

    Thanks plant pauper sounds like a good idea will give it a try 

  • Stevo4Stevo4 Posts: 109

    imageimageFrogs are amazing....this one is Pierre

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  • Gillian53Gillian53 Posts: 112

    imageWe have had our pond for 3years. This was one of two frogs we saw last year and this year we had three lumps of spawn. I know there are plenty of tadpoles in the pond now but sometimes I just can't see them depending on where the sun is or if it's cold. Then other days I see lots of them. 

  • little beelittle bee Posts: 68


    This is my frog from last year sorry its taken so long to post but I couldn't work out how to get the pic on here Gillian53 yours look a fine fellow

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 35,520

    Hi there. Dragonfly nymphs are ferocious predators of tadpoles so they may account for some of your losses.

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