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 Can someone tell me what my daughter has inherited please.



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    ..that's a seed pod from a Fremontodendron...

  • I agree with salino freemontodendron should have a spectacular mass of yellow flowers

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    When pruning get well covered and gloved - the small hairs on the stems get everywhere and make you itchy.

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    Not just itchy they hurt! image

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    Thanks all for the info.

  • Lost mine this year, presumably from the cold start to the year. It's sprouting from the base again so not all bad.

  • anyrunning tips please ?

  • Oops...any pruning tips please ?

  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Just keep it to the size you want. Don't let it get out of hand as then you have to get in amongst it to prune and its horrible. Prune after flowering and honestly, wear long sleeves and gloves! 

  • ManyMany thanks for your advice, Linda.


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