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Hanging Baskets Help!

Hi all,

I have never planted a hanging basket before, but I've just been given some lobelia plants by a neighbour, and been told they would be nice in hanging baskets. The trouble is I (embarrasingly) have no I idea what to plant with them. Is there a hanging basket recipe I should follow or particular plants that go well with lobelia?

Thanks, sorry for my total cluelessness!


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  • LilyPLilyP Posts: 15

    Haha no problem Muddle! And thanks very much for the advice. Apparently the Lobelia I have are mixed colours, so I think I will go with your suggestions of Surfinias. I love the sound of the Nasturtiums and blue lobelia too, I love orange and blue together. I'm very tempted to buy some more plants and plant up some of those too!

    Thank you also for the detailed planting instructions! That will help me greatly :)

    Hazel, thank you for the ideas, if my budget will stretch I might try out the verbana/million bells combination, it sounds lovely!

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    Hmm, I'm not sure about Nastursiums in a hanging basket, really.  They're a bit foliage heavy to work, far better when you can afford space to have lots of the together.  If you've not planted a basket before, I'd recommend Petunias (paricularly) and Geraniums (good if it's very sunny and you keep them watered). Nicotiana is also good, and has a lovely fragrance.

  • I'm also doing hanging baskets for the first time this year - I planted them up at the weekend and they'll live in the greenhouse until they're ready to move outside.

    Between 3 baskets I have trailing Fuscias, blue Lobelia and pink Geraniums, and upright white Geraniums and mixed Petunias - most of them were bought from a supermarket when they were on offer. Not much planning went into them, so I've no idea whether I've got too many or too few plants in there!

    I also sprinkled in some slow release food and water retaining gel in the compost.....we'll see what happens ;-)

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    Surfinia Blue Vein are pretty and have a great smell too. They suffer in the rain a bit but they're worth it. Again my best successes come by accident. I put some hot pink surfinia in with some silver helichrysum and it was gorgeous. 

    I prefer the slightly more subtle combos in my baskets, which is a bit rich coming from the world's no1 nasturtium fan, because there is a risk it could look like a pub.  Just sayin image

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    Sometimes trailing lobelia looks great on its own  -If there's enough of it.

    In London. Keen but lazy.
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