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Hydrangeas and bougainvillea discolouring

As my hydrangeas come out, I've noticed that they are becoming discoloured on the leaves as well as some leaves being twisted and not looking particularly healthy. Also a bougainvillea I bought the other day is already having it's leaves turn dark, wet and go limp as though they are dying. I attach photos of  my plants. Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong? Too much sun? Too much water? Need feeding?









  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,152

    Frost?   It's been very cold and bougainvillea aren't hardy.   Fresh new foliage on many hardy plants is vulnerable to frosts too.  Bring them in at night until mid to late May when the last frosts are likely to have passed or protect with horticultural fleece at night if you can't bring them in.

    The hydrangeas should recover but you will ahve to prune back the bougainvilleas to healthy growth.  

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  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Yes that's typical of frost or cold conditions. 

  • NZjamesKNZjamesK Posts: 2

    Thanks guys, appreciate it. Will take the bougainvilleas inside for now and wait it out on the hydrangeas

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