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Tomato Question

Hi all, 

I'm new to the forum and site and a novice gardener. I'm looking for some advice for my tomato plants, I've had a look around but I am still unsure on a few points.

We have grown from seed alicante, golden sunrise and 100s and 1000s the latter are going in hanging baskets and the others into grobags.

When should I start hardening them off, I think that's the phrase? Putting them outside in the day and bringing in at night?

When can I plant them out into their grobags and hanging baskets?

I have no idea how to upload photos, I keep getting that funny square instead of my photo so here are the Flickr links

Thanks for your help image







  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 22,679

    Are the growbags and hanging baskets going to be outside for the summer or in a greenhouse?

    Tomatoes will die if they get frosted. If you are going to grow them indoors then they will be able to go and live under glass as soon as the risk of frost is over. 

    If they are going to grow outside then I would certainly put them outside on a sunny day but don't move them to their permanent positions until the end of May.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • They will be going outside image Unfortunately I don't have a greenhouse, no space for one though I would love one image

    I'll wait until the end of May then, thanks!

  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,574

    No need to leave them indoors for that will never be able to see out of the window and the plants will grow tall and leggy. If you haven't got a greenhouse then consider making something that can protect them from wind during the day then bring them all indoors at night. Maybe cobble together a cold frame using a box and some plastic sheeting. They will need to harden off for a while before you chuck them outdoors permanently and now is the time to start with the larger plants.

  • Thanks Ceres I'll try that image

  • Suz3Suz3 Posts: 105

    In the same vein-  can I also ask some advice please?

    I too have grown some tumbling tomatoes from seed and they are currently in a six-pot (one in each) on my kitchen windowsill.

    The instructions say wait until they are about 6 inches high before potting out into single pots (they will eventually go into a hanging basked and they are around 2.5 inches high at the mo.

    However I am going on holiday on Saturday (Yippee!!) image and my daughter will be on operation greenhouse watering and fish feeding. Do you think it will be ok to put them into the greenhouse now or are they still too little?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Depends on the greenhouse temperature - and therefore on the weather.  And how long you're away for.  Do you have automatic vents?  Otherwise it will get very hot in there on a sunny day, and they'll dry out in their little pots.  And there may still be a chance of a frost heavy enough to penetrate an unheated g/h. depending on where you live.

    Tricky one....image

  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    Hopefully by the weekend we should be frost free.. 6th May isn't it. I plan to put mine out then.. I have a good few..Plus a new small walkin plastiv greenhouse, have my plants in there and have already planted 3 in larger pots.. Cucumbers too...Sometimes ya gotta be brave so I hedge my bets and plant out a few to make a little room for starting off more seeds.. Good luck.

  • Suz3Suz3 Posts: 105

    yeah you are right there Steve and thanks for the info.

    We live in West Norfolk and have a South Facing garden. We (usually) have a fairly low annual rainfall here.
    My GH has a vent - but sadly I have to resort to manual opening/closing image

    I may have to ask my neighbour if he will assume custody for the week  image



  • Suz3Suz3 Posts: 105

    Thanks BLT!!


  • Me again, slightly confused. I read somewhere that you should wait until night temps are 12 deg before putting out tomato plants overnight, at the moment it's dropping to 8/9 deg. I also read you should plant them out when they start to flower. Some of my plants are really quite big and starting to flower, I have been putting them outside daily. Do I wait until temps are 12 deg or plant out now, which is more important?

    They will be going in growbags and will be situated on concrete/and gravel against a wooden shed/and fence if that is any help.

    I also have some going in hanging baskets but they are not flowering yet but are tall.

    Thanks in advance :D

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