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Christmas Tree: How do I keep it alive?

RiriRiri Posts: 6

I have a lovely Nordman Christmas tree which I am attempting to keep alive until next year, but it is going brown at the bottom, near the stem. It's still in it's original pot/soil. What sort of food/soil would be best to try and keep it alive in its pot - if not a lost cause already?







  • iceice Posts: 332
    What size pot is it in? We used to keep ours when I was younger. Dad used to put in the garden and re dig up just before Christmas. One lasted 5 years like this
  • RiriRiri Posts: 6

    Off the top of my head I'd estimate the pot at no larger than a 40cm diameter. Thanks! Will re-pot it this week then.

  • Was it pot grown or containerized? There is a big difference, a pot grown tree has spent all it's time in a pot and will be used to it, and probably would only need to be potted on into something a bit bigger.

    Most potted christmas trees are not container grown, instead they are grown in the ground, dug up, roots trimmed and stuck on a pot and shipped out for xmas. They are effectively like bare root trees. Alot won't survive long term but will survive over xmas. 

    I would bet that it's a containerized tree rather than a pot grown, looking at the size of it. I would get it planted in the ground and cross your fingers if i was you. 

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