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Talkback: Gardening with children

At the age of five i was launched on my love of gardening by a teacher who taught us to grow cress on the windowsill in the classroom. I could not wait to get into school each morning to see how it had grown. The icing on the cake was when she brought a loaf of bread and some butter into the classroom and we made and ate our own sandwiches. I can still recall that wonderful feeling 75 years later.


  • My garden is a popular playground for a lot of the local kids who play with my wee girl. Last summer a lot of them tried peas straight from the pod for the very first time, and seeing their reaction was fantastic! Took me back to my own childhood popping next door to see my neighbour and coming back with peas, or a lettuce or cauliflower for tea.
  • My Brother as an allotment in London
    and without fail he is over there with all is children and Grandchildren one is 2 and the other 5, he gives them there own patch and lets them plant there own seeds, I also have an allotment and my 9 year old Grandson also as is own piece off allotment.
  • What an opportunity, Gardeners' World! How about a section on veg/flower growing in your magazine dedicated to children - at their level - written by Pippa etc -invite children to send in their achievements - that's the way to get them and their families involved.
  • I absolutely love gardening and growing my own and getting the whole family involved, if i had my way i would turn the entire garden into a vegetable patch!!! I agree with Granny Gardener that there should be a special area of the website and magazine just about growing your own fruit and veg!!
  • I totally agree with you 'granny gardener'. I think a section in thr programme & magazine for children would be fab.
    I teach young children & haveyoung children myself. I also run an after school environmental club. The children love learning about gardening & wildlife. Like the first poster, they love to eat what they grow. We should be getting more young children involved.
  • I couldn't agree more, it's true, magazines do tend to spare little space for the 'undersized' gardeners, I'd not be doing what I do now were it not for my keen-gardener-mother and it would be great to see more kids gardening, and have articles with ideas too.
  • This is the first year we have done a fruit / veg garden, my kids are loving it, they have their own patch, so far they have tried and enjoyed eating raddish and lettuce, lots more growing and my son who will not eat anything is even intrested in trying the veg he has grown. It is a shame our school doesn't get more involved.
  • Can anybody help with a green roof, PLEASE.
    I have a new shed built specially so I can grow things on it & need to know what to grow & what to grow it in. It has the liner in place. I'd like something more colourful than just sedum please.
    Many thanks in anticipation.
  • I was very lucky when growing up; both my dad and granddad were keen growers. I spent many a hot summers day playing in and around veg plants, eating ripe tomatoes, climbing up fruit trees, trying to get the first apple and plum pickings, I can still hear my dad shouting at us "get out of that greenhouse!!" Anyway I have carried on the tradition, not only growing my own but teaching and showing my kids where veg and fruit comes from (I try not to shout at them when all of the ripe tomatoes have disappeared!!)
  • Jonny what are you talking about Pippa is one of the best and most influential gardeners of our time - if she can't teach kids to grow veg, no-one can! keep up the good work, Pippa!
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