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Heavy clay soil

Hi, I am a bit a of a newbie to gardening and I want my lawn looking nice and stripey and flat like you see in other gardens. As I understand it that will involve alot of work to the soil beneath first. I have started by digging up the existing grass/turf and have nearly finished this. Underneath it's mostly heavy clay and we have been plagued with gnats that have bitten me to shreads already this year, I am assuming as the water can't drain effectively it's heaven for them! Would I be right in rotovating the ground that's there the best I can and chucking down loads of sharp sand, rotovating that in then I already have 2 bulk bags of top soil mixed with sharp sand/compost as the top layer, then turf?


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    I'd add grit or pea shingle as well, as much as you can. It's best if you add composted horse manure and grit at the same time then leave it over winter to incorporate. If you're using sharp sand it has to be very very gritty to work properly. I wouldn't add topsoil yet, you need to leave it for a few weeks first to all rot down. Then you have to review the results and test the drainage. Rushing things leads to mistakes and remedial measures which can lenghten the time it takes to get the result you want. Sorting out drainage has to be the priority for now.

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