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What topsoil to use for overseeding

Hello all and thank you in advance for any advice. I have a soils which consist of a mild clay base by no means heavy. I layed a feed weed and moss killer, I do not have a great of moss and a few weeds. The plan is to cut level below my normal cut, scarify and aerate with a fork over suitable intervals. No here is my conundrum. I have been sound a little more research this year into overseeing and suitable top soil and I have currently 3 alternatives. The first is overseed then cover with a mix of a John Innes compost mixed with shard sand. The second is to overseed and then cover just a John Innes compost. The 3rd is to overseed and then cover a local council green waste compost 20mm which has gone through all the relevant process to eliminate nasty elements. Any advice would be wonderful.


  • RTSmithRTSmith Posts: 3
    Thank you Verdun, I appreciate that. I am in the North East of Scotland (Dundee) and the temperature has been pretty low so I have been putting things off, things are warming up from next week. Never used Sharp Sand before only just found out that is is useful for clay soils.

    If I understand you right would a suitable strategy be to mix John Innes with Sharp Sand and back of the rake spread over. Then lay seed over the top, back of the rake spread in then run over with roller (although don't have a roller so mower)

    Many thanks for your reply.
  • EsspeeEsspee Posts: 274

    Our local golf course uses sharp sand mixed with grass seed to fill divot holes.  Works well.

  • RTSmithRTSmith Posts: 3
    Nice one thank you both I think that is the decision made. Much appreciated.
  • AlxNicAlxNic Posts: 259

    I have been following the posts about sharp sand & grit.

    Is sharp sand something you would get from a place like Wickes? and horticultural grit from a GC? I went into Wickes to get sand to brush down between some fancy paving at the front (that was how it was laid - no cement just sand) and was bewildered by the types of sand they have there. I think they were sorted in to mm.  I know the sand I need for my paving is not good for the garden but I would like to get some for the lawn and also soil improvement.

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