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Tiny shaded garden ideas

Hi everyone, Iv had to knock a window through in a room for fire regulations, and it's left looking on to a tiny drab area with a concrete wall opposite, a wall to the right, and lots of untidy garden bits to the left. The area is extremely shady and receives zero sunlight. The area is tiny, the wall is 1m infront of the wall, and the privacy screen/low wall each side of the window, and the ground is concrete. It won't be accessed by the person in the room so it's really just something to make it look more appealing. I thought I might put down pebbles on the ground to hide the concrete and make it low maintenance. Any thoughts on what I could do with the opposite wall? I guess planting will need to suit shade and some kind of container. I thought that a trough planter on the low wall with trailing evergreen plants might hide this wall. Any ideas on what I could plant there? Below is a sketch of the area. The window is only 3ft x 3ft so it's not huge. Any advice would be great


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  • B3B3 Posts: 27,022

    Does the wall opposite the window belong to you? If not, would your neighbour mind you painting the visible bit white?

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  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,506

    Variegated ivy, small variety, like Glacier for instance, to trail down the low wall. Ferns and hostas for your trough, you can have fun playing with different colours and textures. Check final sizes though, as they can vary a lot, but all look the same when you buy them at the GC! Some ferns are evergreen, but if you need something else for winter  colour I have found Pieris 'Small heath' does well in such a situation, and won't get too large, though mine has never flowered. The hostas should though.

    Could you fix an outdoor mirror to the polygon screen to reflect some of the rest of the garden?

  • Thanks for the ideas folks, they're great. Yes I could paint the wall, this could reflect light in well. Will work with these
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