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Hi all. I had 10 red dwarf dahlia last year. I managed to overwinter 1, from this I took cuttings and now have 4. I have tried to propagate the seed but after 3 attempts no germination at all. So I'm thinking its not fertile from seed. 


Im wondering if I can take a cutting or two and overwinter, anyone tried this or got any advice?? Thankyiu


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,240

    Its best to take cuttings in spring. Once they get hollow the stems won't root.

    If you dig up your dahlia after the frost has blackened all the leaves, lay it on its side to dry a bit, and then store the tubers in a frost free place. This could be a shed or cellar. They don't need light until spring. If you have any cut surfaces dust with flowers of sulphur(also known as precipitated sulphur) to keep out fungal rot.  I pack them in dry old compost, but you could use damp peat,or even just wrap in newspaper. If they freeze they will die.

    In spring, bring into light and warm , pot into new compost,  take basal cuttings from the new growth.

  • The thing is they don't seem to have tubers! It's weird! They are still putting up new shoots so wondered about taking cuttings from this? If not I will save root ball and try to bring through winter as u say. I packed mine in shredded paper last year and put in an unheated conservatory . 

  • Forget it- it wont work

    You will have tubers at the end of the season-October or so-they are forming slowly now

    Then do as described to get them through the winter-and off you go again next year.

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